Waitomo Caves

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Waitomo is a Maori word made up of two parts. ”Wai” which translates as water and ”tomo” which means entrance or hole. Waitomo can be translated as the ”stream which flows into the hole in the ground”. This meaning is reflected through its fantastic geological history and landscape, however it also has a rich tourism and cultural history. As a region it is one of New Zealand”s original tourist destinations.

Thermal Land Shuttles can provide transport and custom tour options for your group to discover the Waitomo region from Rotorua. Contact us today to book your tour.


Here is a full list of operators in the Waitomo Region.
Waitomo Caves – www.waitomo.com
Waitomo Adventures- www.waitomo.co.nz
Kiwi Cave Rafting – www.caveraft.com
Cave World Waitomo – www.caveworld.co.nz
Spell Bound Glow Worm Tours – www.glowworm.co.nz


A round trip to the Waitomo Caves 150km west of Rotorua.


  • 7 Days
  • Depart Rotorua I-Site 07.30
  • 9:30 arrive at Waitomo
  • 3:30pm depart Waitomo
  • 5:30pm arrive back in Rotorua

How Much

  • One way (Rotorua to Waitomo only): $80
  • Return $145


  • Check websites for more details, including fitness levels.
  • Some activities have minimum ages/weights for children.